Aston Martin F1 downgrade Cognizant partnership

Team confirms long-term partner will no longer have naming rights from 2024.
  • Cognizant steps back from naming rights
  • New team name to be confirmed in early 2024

The Aston Martin Formula One team have confirmed their partnership with Cognizant will no longer involve naming rights from 2024.

Last week, the Silverstone-based outfit announced an extension and expansion of their deal with the multinational business technology firm, but with no mention of the naming rights portion of the deal.

Instead, Cognizant will be the team’s global technology services partner, stepping back from its previous co-naming rights deal held in conjunction with Saudi oil giant Aramco since 2022.

An Aston Martin Formula One team spokesperson said: “Cognizant was our first title partner – and they engaged with Aston Martin in order to build the reputation of their brand. Cognizant is a US$35 billion company with 300,000 employees – but three years’ ago it wasn’t a household name.

“Through the first phase of their partnership with us, they’ve achieved that – now, lots more people know who Cognizant are and what they do.

“This was always planned as phase two of that relationship – after achieving global brand awareness, they are deepening their partnership with us, they are applying their digital transformation to our business – both on and off the racetrack – and we are now building a deeper, broader relationship with them.

“The new team name will be confirmed in early 2024.”

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) has a 16.7 per cent stake in Aston Martin and, with state-owned Aramco as a title partner, it makes sense that the country would want sole visibility in the position. Cognizant stepping back likely works best for all parties involved.

Japanese manufacturer Honda is also set to come on board in 2026 as part of an engine supply deal, so simplifying the team name was likely also a priority.

When the engine deal was announced in May, Honda chief executive Toshihiro Mibe referred to the team as “Aston Martin Aramco Honda”, hinting at its future billing.

In other news, Aston Martin has announced a technical collaboration with Pedal Mafia, which sees the Australian-headquartered brand become the team’s cycling apparel partner.

While the length of the deal has not been confirmed, Pedal Mafia founder and chief executive Jay Barron called it a “long-term relationship” with the team. 


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