Alpine Esports agrees monitor supply deal with BenQ

Display technology company to provide team with gaming monitors.

Alpine Esports agrees monitor supply deal with BenQ

Alpine Esports, BenQ

  • BenQ branding to be prominent on Alpine Esports' digital and streaming content
  • Deal coincides with 2021's first Esports Pro Championship event

Alpine Esports, the competitive gaming branch of the Alpine Formula One team, has announced a new partnership with display technology firm BenQ.

As part of the deal, BenQ will supply the Alpine Esports team with gaming monitors for the Formula One Esports Pro Championship, Formula One's premier esports competition.

In addition, BenQ's branding will be prominent across Alpine Esports' streaming and digital content.

"We are delighted to partner with BenQ and benefit from their expertise in the Formula One Esports Series," said Cedric Journel, sales and marketing vice president at Alpine.

"We have seen in recent years that the competition has become very tight as the teams move up a gear in preparation and delivery.

"We have seen success for the Alpine brand across different racing series and we want to carry forward the winning mentality into esports, which is a very significant opportunity for the brand’s growth. Partnering with prestigious brands such as BenQ is a clear commercial and technical sign of our intent."

Formula One's first Esports Pro Championship event in 2021 takes place on 13th and 14th October.