Alfa Romeo and JigSpace partner on 3D fan experience tool

F1 team launches knowledge-sharing platform ahead of 2022 season.

Alfa Romeo and JigSpace partner on 3D fan experience tool

Alfa Romeo

  • 3D, interactive version of Alfa Romeo’s C42 car created in JigSpace metaverse
  • Users can share ideas, information and knowledge via metaverse platform

Formula One’s Alfa Romeo Orlen have announced a partnership with JigSpace that will see the team’s fans get access to a new, immersive digital experience for the 2022 season.

The deal sees JigSpace launch an open, user-generated platform with preview access ‘App Clips’ and browser-based augmented reality (AR) that allows users to experience an interactive 3D version of Alfa Romeo Orlen’s new C42 car.

With access provided by a QR code, the knowledge-sharing platform was launched to show off the team’s new car for the 2022 season, but it also offers users the opportunity to share ideas, information, or knowledge on any subject. Ultimately, users can use the Alfa Romeo Orlen platform to experience the potential of the JigSpace metaverse as a way to share knowledge.

Frédéric Vasseur, Alfa Romeo Orlen team principal, said: “F1 is the pinnacle of advanced engineering and manufacturing on earth. These cars are so technologically advanced, especially in the new era starting this year, with a level of engineering complexity and nuance that can be hard to explain and visualise. JigSpace is just so useful for communicating the revolutionary design and beauty of our car, in an immediately accessible way.”

Zac Duff, co-founder and chief executive of JigSpace, added: “Being partners of Alfa Romeo F1 Team Orlen makes sense for us.

“We’ve been working in the space since we launched JigSpace in 2017, allowing anyone to create and share ideas, information, and knowledge in 3D. Our focus has been on driving true value and understanding for our users, so when this opportunity presented itself, we were immediately excited by the possibilities.

“This partnership is just the beginning of our expansion in this area, fans can expect more content released in conjunction with our partners over the coming year, and even more tools and features that define JigSpace as a knowledge platform.”

The rollout of their new car also saw Alfa Romeo Orlen unveil new partnerships with automation component producer the Camozzi Group and dairy brand AMX.

Both deals cover on-car branding, but the Camozzi Group’s deal also includes a new talent and knowledge exchange programme. This will be executed via the creation of a joint development lab involving the Camozzi Research Centre (CRC) in Milan, Italy, and the Sauber Technologies headquarters in Hinwil, Switzerland.