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As viewership continues to reach new heights, SponsorPulse outlines the first step to connecting with your target audience, understanding who they are, and what they care about.

Formula One is speeding its way to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix this weekend.

As viewership continues to reach new heights, the stakes continue to grow with them – and not just for drivers. Britain’s home race is also a great opportunity for brands looking to cash in on Formula One’s growing popularity. The first step to connecting with your target audience is understanding who they are and what they care about.

Luckily, SponsorPulse is in the business of providing actionable consumer insights that help streamline sponsorship decision-making. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Formula One fans tuning into the British Grand Prix.

It’s Britain's race

A breakdown across countries shows that engagement with the British Grand Prix is unsurprisingly highest among UK residents, with 45 per cent of consumers aged 13-64 engaging with the competition at least once in the past year. That means they’ve watched the race live, streamed it or watched it on tv, bought merchandise, or follow it on social channels. 

Among audiences in the UK, the race is most popular among males between 25-39 years old, with 63 per cent of male Brits in that age group engaged in the past year. 

When it comes to reaching and impacting growing markets, 48 per cent of males in the UK aged 50+ anticipate their interest will grow in the next 12 months. 

Making money moves

When it comes to how the audience spends their time, it’s fitting that money is on their mind. UK residents who’ve placed bets on a fantasy gaming website, plan to invest £20,000 or more or have consulted with an investment advisor are more highly engaged compared to other purchasing categories. 

With this in mind, the data presents a compelling case for financial institutions to partner with the British Grand Prix. 

Car fans through and through 

With a deeper understanding of the British Grand Prix audience, perhaps it’s unsurprising that luxury car manufacturers top the list of brands used by those engaged. 

Using SponsorPulse’s opportunity score, BMW and Mercedes show the greatest opportunity as potential sponsors, with 76 per cent of BMW users and 66 per cent of Mercedes users having engaged with the British Grand Prix.

What’s more, 14 per cent of BMW users and 18 per cent of Mercedes users who engage with the British Grand Prix state that a sponsorship with the British Grand Prix would increase their likelihood to purchase the brand. 

Bringing transparency to sponsorship

The sponsorship industry is moving at an accelerating rate. That’s why SponsorPulse is here to bridge the gap between industry pain points and consumer perspectives. Each month we get into the minds and hearts of consumers across the globe to uncover powerful sponsorship opportunities. 

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