Hookit’s Motorsport Insight | Analysing F1 teams and their social media reach at the US Grand Prix

BlackBook's official data partner looks at how Formula One teams compare when it comes to their adjusted ad value (AAV) on social media.

Top brand value earner of the weekend across social media went to Ferrari, whose adjusted ad value (AAV) grew by 151 per cent compared to the 2021 United States Grand Prix.

Here are the top five brands' AAV rankings, promoted by teams at this year's race at the Circuit of The Americas (all percentage changes are in comparison to the figures from 2021):  

1. Ferrari: US$688,000 (up 151 per cent)
2. Red Bull: US$610,000 (down 49 per cent) 
3. Petronas: US$372,000 (down six per cent) 
4. Mercedes: US$277,000 (up eight per cent) 
5. Haas Automation: US$192,000 (up 138 per cent) 

Now, we’ll look at which Formula One teams’ social strategy drove the most value across brand partnerships. The Mercedes Formula One team remains the top driver, creating US$1.2 million in AAV with nearly 300 posts over the weekend.

A noteworthy call-out also goes to the Haas Formula One team who climbed the ranks with the highest year-over-year increase, 176 per cent, driving just under US$370,000 in AAV.

Here’s a detailed look at the top teams that drove the most AAV during the United States Grand Prix for all brands:

1. Mercedes: US$1.2 million (up nine per cent) 
2. Ferrari: US$1.1 million (up 72 per cent) 
3. Red Bull: US$1 million (down 58 per cent) 
4. Haas: US$367,000 (up 176 per cent) 
5. McLaren: US$347,600 (down 63 per cent) 

How AAV works with Kore's Evaluate Social tool

In a social post, an adjusted ad value (AAV) is determined based on the prominence of logos and brand mentions within image and text, combined with the level of engagement the post creates. 

Incidental value is created by posts that feature any brand's logo within the image or video without a deliberate mention. Without tracking incidental value, brands miss opportunities to capitalise. 

Social listening tools primarily capture text data, leaving out a significant percentage of visual attribution. Through its Evaluate Social tool, Kore captures clear, quality logo visibility, evaluating up to 70 per cent of a brand's social value. 

The platform has built-in automation to authenticate athletes and artists for social stories, along with audience data and watch-through rates. 

About the Evaluate Social tool 

Kore Software and Hookit teamed up back in February with the mission to evolve their two industry-leading platforms into one robust portfolio management solution for both rights holders and brands.

On 1st November, they will release their new, first-of-its-kind single-source platform that includes Evaluate Social, designed by Hookit, and Kore Software’s data, measurement, analysis, and insights tools.

The new centralised system can manage, track, and measure every aspect of your sponsorship portfolio. Learn more by following Kore Software on LinkedIn, or visit its website.


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