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Le Mans & Daytona: Lifting motorsport to new levels

23rd November | 15:00 - 16:00 GMT

This webinar will address:

All forms of racing push the boundaries of what is possible. Often innovation starts with the pioneering technical experts that set the foundation for the performance seen on track. To understand how innovation evolves between supplier, series and team, one must look at how the relationship works. Bosch Motorsport sits at the intersection between many motorsport disciplines and are well placed to provide insight into this relationship.


  • What sets the motorsport industry apart when it comes to innovating?
  • How does a major technical supplier like Bosch Motorsport work with its partners to effect change?
  • What technical challenges were overcome with the new LMDh category in endurance racing?


Bill Pearson

Bill Pearson

Senior Engineer, Performance and Simulation, IMSA

Vincent Parvaud

Vincent Parvaud

E-Mobility Product Manager, Bosch Motorsport

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