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Rafael Galiana

Rafael Galiana

Advisory Board Member

Organisation/CompanyTECPRO BARRIERS
PositionFounder & CEO
Industry Experience (yrs)25


Company Profile

Tecpro exists since more than 20 years, the idea was to create safety plastic barriers that absorb energy without boomerang effect (default of tires) and cannot be separated in case of crash (default of ways' separation's plastic barriers). We began with go-kart events (Elf Master Kart Bercy-Paris, Monaco kart cup, Las Vegas SKUSA), then indoor and outdoor karting centers to finally reach the world of motor racing and more particularly the Formula 1 with the help of the FIA engineers and a  few crash tests.

Now we are in Formula 1, Formula E, GT, WTCC, Moto GP, go-kart and many others categories…we have equiped more than 400 circuit around the world Gokart, Cars, Motorcycle.

Technically, the TECPRO barrier is a system of polyethylene blocks moulded and foamed, connected to each other with triple nylon slings (double nylon straps for go-kart barriers). This system absorbs over 40% more energy from a shock to the tires, breaks less material and prevents serious damage on drivers. It is the first safety barriers homologated by the FIA.

Since 2018, the Tecpro Barriers are an official FIA Circuit Equipment, the only safety barrier with this homologation at this time.

In addition of efficiency and aesthetic, the TECPRO barriers are installed quickly and require little maintenance. For example, a new F1 track (Grade 1) requires around 85 000 tires corresponding to 4200 Tecpro barriers, 200 transportation trucks for tires corresponds to 60 trucks of Tecpro barriers, 8 months (230 days) of assembly and installation for tires barriers and 48 days for Tecpro barriers.

Our blocks are also an ideal support for advertising as you can see in the TV retransmission but it is not the principal purpose.