Tokyo 2020 to experience driverless cars

Toyota hoping to use the vehicles in the athletes’ village during the Olympics.

Tokyo 2020 to experience driverless cars

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Athletes at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo will be able to travel in driverless electric vehicles.

Toyota Motor Corporation, the Japanese automotive manufacturer, has revealed that its e-Palette cars will transport competitors through the athletes’ village at the Games. The cuboid-shaped battery-powered vehicle, which was unveiled conceptually in January, does not have a driver’s seat.

Japan’s largest automaker, Toyota will provide more than 3,000 vehicles for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The fleet will also include the Mirai – the first mass-produced fuel cell car, as well as the Toyota Sora, a fuel cell bus.

The fuel cell vehicles have been designed as part of Toyota’s environmental push, with the electricity for the vehicles produced by a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

Toyota will also present its Concept-i car at the Games, which has the capacity to determine its driver’s feelings and emotions, using artificial intelligence.