Hendrick Motorsports renew Microsoft cloud deal

Partnership focused on enhancing Nascar team’s on-track performance.

Hendrick Motorsports renew Microsoft cloud deal

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Stock car racing team Hendrick Motorsports have extended their cloud partnership with technology giant Microsoft for the 2018 and 2019 Nascar Cup Series seasons.

The new agreement will see Hendrick Motorsports use a range of Microsoft technologies, including Azure cloud services, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, to improve their performance on and off the track.

The partnership, which first began in 2015, will be focused on improving Hendrick Motorsports’ operational efficiencies leading up to race weekends, as well as adding agility to adjusting the team’s competition strategies in real time.  The team already uses Microsoft’s cloud and machine-learning capabilities to analyse large amounts of data from a variety of sources, which is then pushed to the cloud for analysis and information.

“The partnership gives our team access to tools and expertise that is enabling unprecedented insights,” said Alba Colon, director of competition systems for Hendrick Motorsports. “With all the information and data available to us today, we’re constantly looking for ways to learn faster and make quicker, more informed decisions. From the power of the cloud to artificial intelligence and machine-learning, our continued collaboration with Microsoft will help us do that and much more.”

In return for providing Hendrick Motorsports with its slate of services, Microsoft will be able to promote the partnership through at-track entertainment, driver appearances and original content.

“What makes this partnership so powerful is the continued confidence and trust Hendrick Motorsports has in Microsoft cloud technology and our team,” said Anthony Morgante, director of partner development at Microsoft. “Now we are working together to change the way Hendrick Motorsports uses data to make more informed real-time decisions to help their teams be safer, faster and more effective on the track.”